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Since its founding in 1998, Sierra Corporation has made a commitment to its clients by helping them grow their businesses through the use of technology. We have achieved this by incorporating our various IT expertise in their businesses, which has enabled our clients to be more successful while working smarter not harder. We understand that business is about relationships, and as a Sierra client, you will find that we take an active interest in doing whatever it takes to keep all of your technology running smoothly.

Our service motto is “100 percent uptime.” When we come in to help you solve technical problems, we make sure to concentrate our efforts during non-production hours so that your business can stay up and running without a “hiccup.” In other words, we work harder so you won’t have to.

Innovation and change are the watchwords in today’s business environment. We at Sierra Corporation are dedicated to staying on the edge of technology by deploying, analyzing, and testing new solutions before ever recommending them to our clients. We utilize everything we sell in-house, in order to ensure that your computing environment is bug-free.




Our approach to implementing network devices, expansion, upgrades, and redesigns is always collaborative. We don't just seek a solution for you, we involve you in the process every step of the way, collaborating with your organization to make sure that we design and execute the best solutions for your current and future network needs. Our Systems Infrastructure Services will assist you in designing, deploying, and managing your Windows and Linux systems.




We collaborate directly with wireless vendors to make sure our clients have access to the most cutting-edge wireless technologies available. And we work with all available wireless encryption standards to ensure that your wireless network is both secure and efficient.

Read about our work setting up a wireless network for Friendship Schools.




Our experienced engineers provide helpdesk support that is among the best in the industry. We frequently collaborate with manufacturers and developers to resolve end user problems. Our helpdesk support covers everything from troubleshooting hardware and operating system problems to application support. We also offer virtual on-line support. Our helpdesk support is aimed towards helping your business prevent interruptions in productivity, so you can keep doing the work that is most important to you.




PBXIntegrated telecommunication systems afford a business the ability to keep in touch with their clients at all times and is an integral element to success in today’s market.  Streamlining all your telecommunication needs, voice and data, will provide you with unified messaging.  Our phone system (PBX) is highly configurable/flexible and allows users to work remotely from anywhere around the world, as if they were sitting in their main office.  Our PBX can utilize SIP/VoIP technology combined with an old POTS line should there be a need.  With our tested and proven integrated systems, we can provide you with cutting edge technology that is cost efficient, flexible, and low maintenance.




Linux solutions often significantly cut the costs of maintaining and deploying IT infrastructures. Our certified staff of Linux engineers will help you customize, deploy, and maintain your Linux solutions. To that end, Sierra Corporation uses the industry standard PHP as our tool of choice for developing scalable, standard-driven solutions for intranets and e-commerce. PHP and MySQL allow us to provide our customers with faster development on a secure platform to manage their data.



Sierra Corporation has a policy of testing before recommending. What does this mean? We are not going to recommend a product to our customers until we have tested it and are satisfied with it. In other words, we will never recommend anything to you that we would not use ourselves. This policy gives us three distinct advantages:
  1. Experience: We know how to use the products we recommend, because we use them every day.
  2. Knowledge: We know whether the newest upgrade is going to work well for you, because we have already installed it at our offices and checked it out thoroughly for problems before we even try to install it for you.
  3. Reliability: By restricting our recommendations to products we use in-house, we are able to maintain a powerful, flexible core of standardized products. If we tell you it works, you can be confident that we have already made sure it works! We test any product our customers are interested in thoroughly before we will ever recommend it.

- IT outsourcing


- E-Mail Hosting


- Web Hosting


- VoIP integrated phone systems


- Around-the-clock, 365-day-a-year troubleshooting and help desk support.
“100% up-time” is our help desk motto.


- Information workflow analysis


- Network installation and setup


- Wireless networking


- Mail server setup, configuration and hosting

- Server installation/configuration and maintenance




- Workstation setup/config/support


- Hardware and software installation and upgrades


- Website development


- Database-driven intranet/extranet development


- Web 2.0 application development


- Social Networking (Facebook Apps)


- E-commerce development (we help you grow your business!)