Email is the backbone of your business. Therefore it should be maintained with care--it is important to know who is handling your data. Sierra Corporation knows that quality email service is about more than receiving messages. Our comprehensive hosting services include automated backup of mailstores, support for large file attachments, and and extremely large mailboxes.

Access your email from any device--tablets, phones, or a coffee shop, knowing that our Spam filters and record retention policies are keeping you safe, secure, and connected 24/7.

Sierra performs backups of client data every hour to ensure the integrity of the stored data.

We provide hosting services for small to medium sized clients.

Unlike larger companies you will know exactly who handles and has access to your data. Additionally, our data center is located within our premise with redundant uninterrupted power supplies and natural gas generators in case of power fluctuations.

Sierra Corporation will retain all email backups and data for 18 months, or longer if requested, to ensure that if needed, a client can access old data and records.